Listening to just one song from the new sexy artist Courtney Jaye just isn't enough. Courtney Jaye brings a new fresh sound with feeling and emotion to todays music like never before. Courtney Jaye is a 20-something singer-songwriter whose debut album, "Traveling Light", is moving up fast with the qualities of real music that grabs you the second you listen to it and stays with you forever. Something you will never forget.Check Out Her New Album,Traveling Light. In stores now!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Courtney Jaye Backgrounds

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Courtney Jaye

Courtney Jaye brings new meaning and creativity to music like never before. Jayes album "Traveling Light" was produced by the one the only Peter Collins. If you have never heard of Peter Collins you have heard his work with such diverse acts such as Bon Jovi, Jewl, Elton John, Rush, Indigo Girls and more. Jaye makes it seem so easy and natural when she picks up an acoustic and sings and feels the song but we all know it's not. When you listen to Courtnay Jaye you to will expierance a connection with true passion and feeling for the song that many mainstream artists are still working to achieve. Check out some of Jayes songs and support her by buying the album and going to see her off the hook powerful show.

Courtney Jaye Music

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Courtney Jaye Bio

Jaye has been working with the estimable producer Peter Collins (Indigo Girls, Jewel, Elton John) and a studio band of handpicked musicians, including drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, John Mayer) and guitarist Rusty Anderson (Ednaswap, Paul McCartney), Jaye fearlessly swings for the fences throughout her first at-bat, and she consistently connects. That’s because this confident young artist is stepping up to the plate with a fistful of memorable songs she’s fashioned with, among others, Matthew Sweet, the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris, Butch Walker and former Veruca Salt co-leader Nina Gordon, all skilled songsmiths who share her belief in the enduring expressive potential of the verse, chorus and bridge.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jaye spent her formative years in Atlanta, morphing from preppy to hippie chick during high school after falling under the spell of the Grateful Dead; it was then that she came to identify freedom with music. A friend’s death inspired her to write her first song, and she surprised herself by tapping so spontaneously into a skill she hadn’t previously known she possessed. Jaye knew then what she wanted to do with her life, and she couldn’t wait to get rolling. "I was this wide-eyed kid wanting to see everything and do everything," she says. But Russell Carter, who befriended her then and now serves as her manager, urged her to be patient, learn her craft and live her life so that, among other things, she’d have something meaningful to write about. Evidencing the level-headedness that would serve her well along the way, the youngster took Carter’s counsel to heart.
Soon after graduation, she began her travels, heading first to Flagstaff, Arizona, where she worked with an acupuncturist by day and gigged in her first band by night. In Arizona she fell under the spell of Ani DiFranco. "I even shaved my head – I did the whole deal," she says, laughing at her youthful impetuosity. "I admired her balls, but she also got me started in the direction of writing from a personal standpoint and realizing that I can’t write songs that aren’t true to me."

One day Jaye decided to buy a one-way ticket to Kauai, trusting her resourcefulness and expecting to camp for a month or two. She stayed for a year, surfing and writing songs, having fallen under the sway of the island’s liquid rhythms – rhythms that obviously stayed with her, because they flow through the album – before heading back to the mainland in order to keep on her career path. She wandered to Athens, Georgia, where she discovered Ween, marveling at the duo’s refusal to be bound by any stylistic parameters. In Athens she fell in love, and the couple moved to Austin, where Jaye slid right into the city’s roots-music scene, playing the Cactus Café and studying the elevated songcraft of artisans like Patty Griffin. When the relationship ended, Jaye suddenly found herself with a great deal of life experience to work through in her writing.

By this time, three years ago, Jaye had become adept at her craft, and one day in L.A., she sat down with fellow writer Gala for her first co-writing session; the result of the experiment was a song called "Lose My Head." Over the years she’d sent demos of her songs to Carter, who’d continually frustrated her by saying, "You’re getting better Courtney, but you’re not there yet." After hearing "Lose My Head," though, Carter simply said, "Okay, let’s do it." That breakthrough song – "Lose My Head" holds the pole position on Traveling Light – led to hookups with other collaborators, some of them quite fruitful. "It seems to me that the most positive experiences I’ve had as a co-writer are with partners who honor me as a voice, who allow me to bring my experiences into these songs. I learned so much from every one of those experiences. I feel very fortunate to have had access to those artists."

With Butch Walker, Jaye came up with the heart-wrenching "Can You Sleep," which in its final form is burnished by her multitracked harmonies, conjuring a celestial choir during a rough patch in eternity. Courtney and Kristen Hall teamed up on the yearning "Mental" and the cathartic "Time for Goodbye," which examine the frayed ends of a doomed relationship. The Gary Louris pairing resulted in "Can’t Behave," the first single that sports a buoyant groove inspired in part by Stealers Wheel’s ’70s hit "Stuck in the Middle With You." Jaye and Matthew Sweet co-wrote the gorgeous "Love Me," which features Tift Merritt and closes this romantic song cycle about the stages of a romance on a fittingly poignant note.

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Last June, a mutual friend arranged for Jaye to play some of her songs for A&R executives at Island Def Jam Music Group, where she was signed on the spot and immediately put to work in the studio. "I knew what kind of record I wanted to make," she says. "I was ready." Along with authenticity and killer hooks, Jaye exudes a star quality that seems wholly organic (to use her favorite word). She’s just got it, whatever "it" is. And she’s living proof that good things come to those who wait.

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Courtney Jaye Lyrics

If you are into the new hot artist Courtney Jaye like everyone else is then you got to check out her lyrics to her songs.

Lose My Head
Written by Courtney Jaye & Gala

I know that I'm no angel
I've seen myself from every angle
Now I'm right outside your door

Some positive rejection
Foreshadowing frustration
Feels like I've been here before
But I'm saving it all for the morning after

Cause I don't need my conscience when I lose my head
Got all of my excuses lying in your bed
It's like tasting lightning striking and I need you to find me
Baby when I lose my head

The view from this position
Is of my inhibitions
Torn apart and scattered on the floor
Now am I taking myself too seriously
Don't I know by now that eventually

All that it takes is to love my mistakes
So I'm saving it all for the morning after


There's gotta be a million things that could be said
But I don't go for talking when I lose my head
Like the pouring rain
I can't explain
I go insane
Baby when I lose my head
Baby when I lose my head

Saving it up for the morning after
Not going to slow down
I'm moving faster
I'm saving it all for the morning after

Second chorus

Can't Behave
Written by Courtney Jaye & Gary Louris

I got eyes in the back of my head
your halo's turnin' red
foolin' around knockin' me off my cloud
they're talking about your mischievous ways
boy it's painted all over your face
stealin' a kiss mysterious whispers
a thorn in my pride
I'm still by your side but

one day I'm walking away
the tide is gonna turn I'm gonna find my place
give me a reason to stay
I want to be your lover
baby but you can't behave

remember the days and the Hollywood nights
what happened to paradise
stolen away and I can't replace it now
'cause rumors are flying
that I can't avoid

are they true or am I paranoid
livin' like this it's drivin' me crazy
so make up your mind
you're running out of time


ease all of my worries
please don't make me play the fool
baby won't you hurry
you don't know what you're gonna lose


Written by Courtney Jaye, Anne Preven & Scott Cutler

I complicate whichever way I try to go
I get in the way
I question to the point I'd never know
If I was in love
I talk about it but I'm not complaining
The clouds look like rain
But it's not raining

Darling I want you to see it's permanent
Changes are waking in me it's different
I will not self destruct
And I do not need to destroy us

In my head I've gone back and forth
'Til I was out of breath
My old ways were temporary
Like the twilight as it fades
I talk about it but I'm not complaining
So much to explain
But I'm not explaining


Written by Courtney Jaye & Kristen Hall

on this lonely stretch of solitude
I'm thinking 'bout the things that I never do
all the promises that I made to you
well they're just words
they're only words

it took so long for me to recognize
all this confidence that I couldn't find
I used to dim my light so you could shine
and that's what hurts
it really hurts

I wanna do everything right
but everything's going wrong
I want to feel heaven on earth
but nothing ever lasts that long

baby I'm goin' mental
so much potential
I can't stand to watch it withering away
it's out of control now
it's getting old now
and I can't afford to waste another day

well dust keeps piling up on the window sill
man if you don't know by now I guess you never will
but there's no benefit in standing still
not for you no no
and not for me
but I wanna make everything work
something's just gotta give
I gotta start putting me first
it's killing me the way it is


I wanna do everything right
but everything's going wrong
I wanna feel heaven on earth
and nothing ever lasts that long


Time For Goodbye
Written by Courtney Jaye & Kristen Hall

feels like I'm falling out of love
heaven help me
voices of angels high above
criticize me

just when I find out who you are
I regret letting down my guard

give me the word
give the sign
if I should move on
is this a good time
time for goodbye

I can be so full of myself
that I'm empty
such a believer of the truth
you resent me

just when I find out where you've been
I regret ever giving in


stains on the carpet
the holes in the wall
we're tearing it down til there's nothing at all
you ask me to stay
but you waited too long
cause I'm already gone

now this is the word
this is the sign
yeah I should move on
now is a good time
time for goodbye

Written by Courtney Jaye, Anne Preven & Scott Cutler

I let another record play
I want the feeling
its still the only time of day
I can believe in
I watch it spin around again
to start me dreaming

I wasn't lost
wasn't found
wasn't anywhere at all
wasn't up
wasn't down
til you showed me

in a somersault
you never know where you are
its easy to get lost
easy to think nobody's breaking your fall
now the summer's gone
and until your return
in a somersault
thinking of you
I'll turn

its hard to keep you at bay
so I keep busy here
just filling seconds of the day
until you are near

I wasn't in
wasn't out
wasn't anything at all
wasn't up
wasn't down
til you showed me


I wasn't lost
wasn't found
wasn't anywhere at all
wasn't up
wasn't down
til you showed me


Traveling Light
Written by Courtney Jaye, Dan Petty & Michelle Lewis

three years or a lifetime
three words that just might have come too soon
three hours from somewhere
I might have ended up with you

hold me like a river
hold me like a string tied to a balloon
you get what you're given
at any moment a moment of truth

all my life I'm traveling light
been living in a sky
I'll float I'll fade I'll carry away
til you pull me down and think of me sometimes

I'm sorry for leaving
I'm sorry for all I could not do
you knew it was coming
maybe in some ways I did too

the keys by the bedside
and bags in the hall


I'm searching for something in the ether of this mess
riding above these missing pieces, leaves me weightless


Hanalei Road (Lorelei's Song)
Written by Courtney Jaye, Dan Petty & Michelle Lewis

I'm dreaming hard of leaving
can't shake the weary cold
my good intentions frozen
buried under snow

this peace I'm holdin onto
the sunlight wearing thin
it radiates from west of somewhere else I live

give me the fastest plane
I'm ready to go one way

meet me down on hanalei road
I'm diving deep for the diamond tide
save my heart and feed my soul
I'm coming home tonight
coming home tonight

follow the trade winds over
footprints along the beach
leading to where I know
there's someone missing me
under a thousand stars
and the liliquoi moon


give me the fastest plane
I'm ready to go today


Can You Sleep
Written by Courtney Jaye & Butch Walker

was it that hard
to give me away
are you that easily persuaded
by a memory that's faded
like a card
left out in the rain
and tears will fall like ink right off the page

tell me can you sleep at night
knowing I'm awake
when you turn out the light
did you think that I was gonna be alright
kicked out of your life
now tell me can you sleep at night

do you think of me
when you're with her
is she filling all the blanks in
til the temporary space is empty again
just like you are
and now you'll have to smile and just pretend

so tell me can you sleep at night
knowing I'm awake
when you turn out the light
did you think that I was gona be alright
pushed out of your life
and tell me can you sleep

but all this time we've wasted
you were all I thought about
and this bitter pill I'm tasting
well its time to spit it out
oh no, no, no


Love Song (For Everyone)
Written by Courtney Jaye, Dan Petty & Michelle Lewis

it overtakes me
it levitates me
and lifts me up so high
it makes me wonder
it pulls me under
and gives me butterflies

now I'm surrounded
now I'm awake
I can be sure

I'm in love…with everyone
I'm in love… with everyone

sorrow shook me
love overlooked me
for the longest time
but the fog is lifted
the clouds have drifted
my heart is open wide

I don't know your story
I don't know your name
but I know I'm sure


I wish that I could
tell you I would
slow down and commit
but the world is so big
and full of life you can't hold in
and I have so much to give


every strong and steady man
open heart and open hands
one I think about each time
it makes me close my eyes and smile
like a best friend or savior
one who is on his best behavior
firecracker troublemaker
you know who you are

every rider on the waves
every rockstar I have saved
every boy who loves his girl
every person in the world

This Is The Day
Written by Courtney Jaye, Nina Gordon & Jeff Russo

there's still a little sand inside of my shoes
I leave it there to keep me close to you
there's a whole other world inside me now
full of words you can't hear
but the power of how I really feel
is pulling you near

its a vibration
there's no separation
we're one and the same
I don't have to be afraid
if you feel it
you might as well reveal it
cause this is the day
tomorrow could all be taken away

I can see the sun without the sky
but I can't see myself without your eyes
I wish I had told you this back then
I thought I had time
well there's no use in swimming in regrets
I'll leave them behind


suddenly waves cover me
graced from above
so heavenly wrapped
under the weight of your love
and you show me what you are made of

cause the power of how I really feel
is pulling you near

its a vibration
there's no separation
we're one and the same
I don't have to be afraid
if you feel it
you might as well reveal it
cause this is the day
and I'm gonna ride the wave

this vibration
without hesitation
this is the day
this is the day
if you feel it
you might as well reveal it
cause this is the day
tomorrow could all be taken away

Love Me
Written by Courtney Jaye & Matthew Sweet

is there life
without any fear
I need more
than just what I want to hear
but I won't be afraid of the dark
if you
love me
always thinking of me
I know I must be blind

in my dreams
when all of the flowers die
a little girl but she doesn't need to cry
if my dream doesn't last through the night
could you
love me
always thinking of me
I know I must be blind

love me

you know I'm good
I'll never behave
in the storm
I ride every wave
and I won't even look to the shore
if you
love me
always thinking of me
I know I must be blind

love me